Below are recent testimonials from actual clients of Weston Legal, PLLC

"If you are being sued by a debt collector this is the lawyer to hire! They have reasonable rates and an excellent staff. My suit was dropped by the collection agency. Truly incredible!"
"Mr. Weston is very professional, knowledgeable, ethical and sincere. He is a great listener as he gave us his undivided attention while we explained our situation. He quickly and thoroughly reviewed our documents and determined that our case would be completed successfully."
"I am very happy to give Michael Weston my highest recommendation. He had my debt collector debt case dismissed! He made the whole process easy and kept me informed. If you need legal help, call Michael Weston right away! You will be glad that you did!"
"I was scared when I was sued by a creditor. Mike treated me like a person with respect, and settled my case in a timely and affordable manner. The case settled while my husband was in the hospital with a serious health issue and I KNEW my case was in good hands. Thank you for helping us when we did not know what to do. If you are having problems with a creditor, call Mike TODAY. He knows how to help!"
"Michael Weston will stand up for your rights with integrity and honesty. Michael handled my legal lawsuit in a straightforward and effective manner. He was always prompt in answering my questions and addressing my own concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael Weston and his firm for any legal matter, especially those related to unfair debt collection and lawsuits. Most of all, Michael was fair and honest. He will not keep you in the dark and will stand up for you in court. I just can't say enough about Michael. He is a positive testimony to his profession."
"Mike Weston really helped me and my family in a desperate time. He treated me like I was a person, not like I was just a case, and took the time to walk me though the entire process. Mike was always very quick to return my calls and emails personally, and was very helpful in my settlement."
"All my questions were answered promptly and without making me feel inexperienced or inadequate. The entire experience went smoothly without a hitch."
Carol F.
"Deep Connection to Clients Mr. Weston took considerably time listening to my situation and explaining possible courses of action without pressuring me. The situation was very upsetting, and I felt like I had a close confidant to fight for my rights. He was able to resolve the dispute quickly and justice was served. "
"Mike helped me settle my debt and resolve a civil judgment against me all in under a month. He was professional, knowledgeable, and very quick to respond to my email correspondences (within the same hour often). Thanks very much for your help!"
"I called I was able to speak with someone and my questions were answered. Mr. Weston was patient and helped me understand how the process worked as well as explained to me just what to expect. I would highly recommend their services."
Elizabeth L
"Highly recommended!! My experience with Mike was a definitely a good one. He did what every lawyer should do (but usually doesn't do) ...He listened!! Then he used the law to help me and got good results. He didn't act like I was interrupting his day – he was truly concerned and knew what to do and how to do it to get results. I was very impressed with his abilities and knowledge and most importantly, I was impressed with his results. I would highly recommend him & his firm."
"I was sued by Credit Card company and collection agency, I was hopeless and didn't know what to do until I received letter from his office. They are very professional and helpful at the first meeting. They explained me everything that I need to know, and offered me with their low payment plan. As a result today my cases have dismissed without paying creditor or collection agency a dime. I highly recommend Mr. Weston to anyone that needs legal help. Thank you Mr. Weston and Staff for your wonderful work."
"I was handed the court papers regarding credit card debt at my house. I would like to thank Mr. Weston for handling my case and successfully getting it dismissed. I appreciate the professionalism. Kate Wallace also answered my questions in a very timely manner. Definitely would recommend their services to my friends! Again, thank you."
"Mr. Weston helped me with the stress and strain of my huge problem with patience and care thank you so much"
Carolyn F.
"I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Weston. He's an actual attorney that will visit with you and keep you informed in a timely manner. Most attorneys are very impersonal. His staff and he kept me in the loop constantly concerning my case concerning a debt with Citibank. Very professional service at a very affordable price and was easy to work worth with concerning payments for services. This man actually takes care of business which is great. You'll have no regrets hiring him to resolve your issue(s)."
Jeff S.
"I was scared when I was sued by a creditor. Mike treated me like a person, with respect, and settled my case in a timely and affordable manner. The case settled while my husband was in the hospital with a serious health issue and I KNEW my case was in good hands. Thank you for helping us when we did not know what to do. If you are having problems with a creditor, call Mike TODAY. He knows how to help!"
Kim C
"You made a bad financial situation easy and so stress free. Thanks for everything."
"Mike Weston was very professional and conscientious in settling for zero a credit card debt. He used his knowledge of the FDCPA to turn the tables on a debt collector which was threatening legal action on an old debt which had been previously settled with the company. Thank you Mike!"
"From the very beginning the office of Michael Weston has been amazing! They helped me with everything I needed. I can't thank you more. That night of being served was an absolute nightmare to me. I had terrible thoughts of what could happen. I felt at ease once I spoke with Kate. The end result was a dismissal and I could not be happier. I highly recommend this firm. I wish all the best to everyone."
"Thank you to Attorney Mike, and staff, in representing me in the first lawsuit I've ever incurred. They handled my case professionally and effectively, representing me in court without my attendance being required, with the end result being the dismissal of the lawsuit. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of the type of legal representation they offer. Thanks again!!!"
Cheryl F.
"I was being sued by a collection agency and Mike not only got my case dismissed but he also forced them to return the post dated checks of mine that they were holding. I never had to file Bankruptcy. I would certainly recommend Weston Legal to anyone."
Brendell C.
"It is extremely unnerving when you are presented with court papers. Mr. Weston and his entire staff not only put me at ease but swiftly acted on my behalf to resolve the matter in my favor. I would not hesitate to recommend their services."
"Mr. Weston and his professional team got me through uncertainty and won my debt lawsuit case. The Weston team was understanding and compassionate. I found Weston and Associates through mail media and after reading his letter I believed that he was a sincere attorney who genuinely wanted to help me. Mr. Weston took my case and won it and I am soo happy! :-) "
"I was sued by MIDLAND FUNDING LLC on representation for Chase bank, and Michael Weston got dismissed the case against me in less than 4 months I am very pleased with their services and I will recommend them very HIGHLY! Thank you for your services."
"Michael Weston and his staff solved my issue in a very direct and professional manner. There was excellent communication during the whole process and I very much appreciate all of their hard work."
"Last year, I started receiving abusive and threatening collection calls on a credit card debt. I made a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission but I don't believe much was done about it. Mike sued the collection agency in Federal court for their abusive conduct and the case was resolved within a matter of months. I would most definitely recommend Mike Weston if you are being harassed by a collection agency. "
David F.
"An old credit card debt had been bought by a third party, forcing me to represent myself in the Montgomery County Courts. After months of correspondence and with the belief I had won, I was served with notice of a bench trial. I didn't know what to do, so I called Kate Wallace and Michael Weston. Within a month, and for a very reasonable rate, Mr. Weston and Ms. Wallace had succeeded in compelling the plaintiff to dismiss their claim against me. Their efforts to represent me on short notice and completely exonerate me were exceptional and exceeded my expectations. "
Roger Tornga
"My experience with Mike Weston and his law firm has been a very positive experience. I was being harassed by a debt collector and found the Weston firms website when I visited the website for the Texas Attorney General's Office. Once I outlined my problems with the debt collector and provided proof of the harassment I had been dealing with for months, Mr. Weston was efficient and supportive in filing a complaint and following up with me as the case progressed. The outcome was very favorable and I learned how to handle these situations if they should ever come up again. I very much enjoyed working with Mike Weston and his firm. I highly recommend him – he is an expert in his practice area."
Jamie M.
"I enjoyed working with Michael, He was very good about explaining the process and keeping me informed along the way, as well as helping me to make the right decisions when needed. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He made dealing with the issues I had to deal with painless and actually made everything quite easy for me. Thank you, Michael and team! "
"You guys rocks! I am clearly satisfied. You were very professional, handled things in a timely manner, and responded promptly to my any of my questions. I will recommend you guys to everyone! "
Annykeysa H
"I was sued by a credit card company and did not know where to turn. I found Mike Weston on the internet. After discussing my case he offered me a very reasonable fee to take my case and worked out a payment plan with me. He went over my options, treated me with respect and was very frank about expected results. Throughout the process he and his staff kept me informed and were always quick to respond to any questions I had. Mike worked out a settlement with installment payments totaling less than 1/3 of the amount I was being sued for. Everything was handled quickly and professionally. I would recommend Weston Legal to anyone defending a credit card lawsuit."
"I had a case brought against me by a company that, if not handled correctly, would have had me pay money to a company that they didn't deserve and Mr. Weston got them to dismiss the case. I would highly recommend him if you think you have no one else to turn to. "
"I want to thank you for the help that you gave us. You got everything solved without any problems. I would recommend you to anyone that needed your services."
Edward & Barbara S
"Michael is a a very professional lawyer that helped me through some tough times. He guided me and advised me in all aspects of my case and together we figured out what was the best way to proceed. "
"They represented me very professionally and helped me resolve the case fully to my advantage. Thank you and will use you again. "
Amin B
"I would highly recommend this attorney for debt management services"
"Wow! That about sums up the customer service and attention both Mike and Kate gave my case. I will absolutely recommend this group to anyone I know needing representation. Thank you, Weston and Associates, for handling my case and getting results!"
"Understanding and non-judgmental people helped me through a difficult and complicated situation. No surprises and very helpful with their thoughts and experience. I would recommend them very highly. Jennifer and Eliana were especially helpful with all my many questions."
Mark D
"I came home one day to find a notice of lawsuit firmly attached to my front door. Thinking it was an error, I paid little mind to it until I read the portion demanding the date and time I should appear in court. I contacted Michael Weston. After faxing over the lawsuit document, Michael took it from there. About one month later, I learned the Plaintiff voluntarily dismissed their case against me. I am thankful for finding Michael Weston's website, as things progressed very quickly. I highly recommend him for anyone who suddenly finds themselves in the middle of a legal wrangle, especially one in which you are wrongly accused! Thanks, Michael and Kate!"
Karen S
"Mr. Weston and his staff did a great job of protecting me from a law suit. The case was handled in a very timely manner and allowed me to get a new start in life! Thank you, Donald"
Donald W. M. Jr.
"I remember feeling scared on the day I was served with those court papers stating that I am being sued. I wasted no time trying to find an attorney, and thank goodness I came across Michael Weston's website. I am so excited now to be moving on with my life; I can actually put this issue behind me now. Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease throughout the entire process. I appreciate your professionalism and compassion. I highly recommend Mike and his staff's services to anyone needing legal services. Thanks again!"
Carmen, Hutto
"Michael Weston has helped me several times in the past and has always won my case. He is a very professional, and yet compassionate person. I know from personal experience he will do his very best to help your situation. I highly recommend hiring Michael as your attorney."