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Practice Areas - Debt Settlement

Debt settlement companies are known to be untrustworthy.  Many are impossible to locate, do not have a physical address, and will take your money without having done any work.  If handled by a law firm in the correct manner, debt settlement can be beneficial to the consumer.  For example, if you do not qualify for bankruptcy or simply do not want to file, then debt settlement may be a plausible option for you.

Many consumers attempt to settle debts on their own without legal assistance.  An attorney is highly recommended when one is entering into a binding legal contract, and an attorney will be able to ensure that the creditor is going to comply with the agreement.  Many creditors demand a settlement payment within 24 hours of signing an agreement and will only provide a written confirmation after the money is paid, but this is usually not the truth.

We can examine your financial situation and go over your options with regards to debt settlement.